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“Strength of mind that enables a person to encounter adversity with courage.”

Definition of fortitude from and The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English
Language, 5th Edition.

At Fortitude Fitness & Rehab, we work together to create a unique training program customized to suit the needs of the client. Having educated, experienced trainers allow for clients with varying training experience and fitness levels to gain the best results. We educate our clients to give them the proper tools to be successful beyond working with us.


(In- Person)

Top 3 benefits of In-Person Training​


  1. Engagement and Focus – With in-person training, you can overcome the issue of engagement and focus to ensure that you utilize your time appropriately. When it comes to in-person interaction, you cannot afford to get distracted. A trainer may also have many creative ways to ensure that you are focused and engaged. In the end, you are bound to get a better understanding of training and have better results.

  2. Discussion/Accountability – In-person training gives you the ability to not only focus and enjoy the workout, but to also have the opportunity to discuss and learn. Private sessions provide you with the space, attention, and environment where you can get rid of distractions. You are accountable for attending regularly scheduled appointments, and you are retaining valuable information that will assist your progress.

  3. Movement Patterns/Exercise Competency - Your trainer is there to give timely feedback to assist you with the development of sufficient skill to assure safe and successful performance of all movements. The key to executing proper biomechanics/postural changes is having your trainer demonstrate and observe your activities in real-time, from all angles.

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In-Person Training

Start with an initial consultation to assess your goals, fitness background, postural/mobility assessments, as well as body composition.


From there, you will have a personal periodized plan designed specifically for your goals. In-person training sessions will provide a structured schedule to ensure that you are hitting your workout goals. To make sure progress is measured, periodic check-in’s will also be provided.

Rehab practices within workouts

  • Improving range of motion (ROM)

  • Assessing and correcting posture and movement patterns

  • Working on balance and stability

  • Building strength and muscle

  • Fat loss 

  • Pain reduction

  • Cardiovascular training

  • Mental health improvement


If you have an existing injury/postural imbalance, your programming will focus on these issues while also keeping your fitness and secondary goals in mind.


One on one training is the best way to maximize your results and to ensure that you are doing movements correctly and safely.

Personalized nutritional guidance can be provided if requested.


Limited spots/times available.



Our rate is $70/session +tax. We do pay as you go, no contracts, or commitments.


We also provide partner training for those who would prefer to work out with a spouse/friend/sibling, etc. Our rate is $100/session +tax for each pair ($50/per person).

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